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EuroSpeleo Forum 2018 in Austria ad Agosto “Speleology Connecting Science”

[ 23 agosto 2018; ] [caption id="attachment_59355" align="alignleft" width="550" caption="euro speleo 2018"][/caption]The 12th ESF will be held in Ebensee, Austria, on 23rd-26th August 2018. An estimated 500 people from nearly 30 countries are expected to attend to share the results of their latest exploration, research, and techniques…

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Informazioni generali per l’Euro Speleo Forum 2017
The EuroSpeleo Forum (ESF) is Europe’s premier [...]

Gara internazionale di speleologia in Bulgaria

[ 29 aprile 2017; ] The Bulgarian Federation of Speleology would like to invite you to an International Caving Competition of speleo-disciplines.

The competition has been organized regularly for a number of years for Bulgarian cavers, but this year we decided to open it to other countries as well.
It will take place on 29 April and 30 April 2017 in Karlukovo [...]