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47° congresso della federazione francese e 40° anniversario del soccorso francese – Nantua 2017

47th Congress of the French Federation of Speleology (FFS)

In 2017, meeting in Nantua, France.
For Whitsun 2017, 20 years after the Congress in Hauteville-Lompnes, cave history will be written once again in the department of Ain.
FFS just validated the project to organize the next national Congress in the city of Nantua.
The 40-year anniversary of the [...]

SpeoArta 2017 – Speleological Art Festival, Romania

[ 4 maggio 2017 a 7 maggio 2017. ]
At its XXXV edition the Speoarta festival gathers cavers and artists showing through photography and film the silent and wonderful of caves.
The festival will be organized with themed contests, exhibitions, workshops, outdoor trips, exploring underground and many other activities to attract young people to practice all this.

After three successful editions and a long break [...]

Stage di formazione internazionale di Soccorso Speleologico 2016

[ 2 ottobre 2016 a 9 ottobre 2016. ]
Dal 2 al 9 ottobre 2016
Departement Doubs, France

- Organizzatore : Soccorso Speleologico Francese
- Responsabile : Bernard TOURTE and Christian DODELIN
- Data: dal 2 Ottobre al 9 Ottobre 2016
- Luogo: Francia, Doubs
- Lingue, traduzioni: Spagnolo, inglese, francese
- Prezzo: 8 giorni x 160 € = 1280 € (prezzo scontabile per gruppi di speleologi provenienti dallo stesso [...]

4th EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium – Caves & Karst – Protection and Conservation under EU Law

[ 14 agosto 2016 a 15 agosto 2016. ] Il simposio si svolge il 14 e 15 Agosto, in concomitanza con l’incontro europeo di Speleologia in Inghilterra Euro Speleo 2016

As the topic of the Symposium already indicates, there is Conservation and there is:

Preservation and finally there are laws.
How can and should we deal with protection laws?
How could we initiate protection measures in [...]

5th European Speleological Congress – 5ème Congrès Européen de Spéléologie

[ 13 agosto 2016 a 20 agosto 2016. ]

Dear Caving Friends,

The British Caving Association (BCA) and the European Speleological Federation (FSE) are proud to present the 5th European Speleological Congress. The congress will be held in August 2016, in the United Kingdom, within the beautiful Yorkshire Dales National Park, one of the major caving regions of the UK.


We plan to pre-rig all [...]

New EuroSpeleo Newsletter – Nouveau bulletin d’information EuroSpéléo

Scarica il numero di Novembre 2015
It is with great pleasure that the European Speleological Federation (FSE) re-news its efforts to publish a Newsletter. This Newsletter will be exclusively available in electronic form and it will be distributed through the FSE mailing lists, website and Facebook page. It will be edited by the FSE Bureau and [...]

EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium 2016 Dalesbridge GB – 1st Circular

[ 15 agosto 2016 a 16 agosto 2016. ]
Il maggior evento speleologico europeo del 2016 si svolgerà in Gran Bretagna, il congresso Eurospeleo 2016 nel centro congressi di Dalesbridge Yorkshire Dales dal 15 al 16 Agosto 2016.

A major speleological event next year will be the EuroSpeleo Congress 2016 in Great Britain.
An important part of this Congress will be the 4th edition of the [...]

Un 2015 ricco di appuntamenti! Agenda UIS 2015 – Eventi della Union International de Speleologie

11/3 17/3 International Congress HYPOGEA 2015 – Congres International HYPOGEA 2015 Rome, Italy
Commission of Speleology in Artificial Caves of the International Union of Speleolology (UIS) “http://hypogea2015.hypogea.it/
” https://www.facebook.com/events/544609135635478/
16/4 19/4 13th International Cave Rescue Conference – 13e Rencontre International de Spéléo Secours – 13. Internationales Höhlenrettungs Treffen – 13o Incontro Internazionale di SpeleoSoccorso – XIII Encuentro Internacional EspeleoSocorro Le CAMP, Vaumarcus, Switzerland “Spéléo-Secours Suisse
Société Suisse [...]

EuroSpeleo Magazine n°2

Federazione Speleologica Europea – On line EuroSpeleo Magazine N°2

Dear Caving Friends
It’s with a great pleasure that the FSE presents you the 2nd issue of the multilingual EuroSpeleo Magazine brightly prepared by our Editor-in-Chief, Mihaela Micula, and her European team who made a really incredible work to undertake this issue for this summer.
You’ll be able to discover the whole team on pages 2 [...]