Commission on Glacial, Firn, and Ice Caves – Brno ICS Speleo2013

As you know, the Brno ICS Speleo2013 approaching.
As you probably know I am the new president of the Commission on Glacial, Firn, and Ice Caves, and substitute Adolfo Eraso for the next 4 years.
During the Brno Congress, I organize the meeting of Commission on Glacial, Firn, and Ice Caves will be on Thusday July 23, So please, sign it in your Congress schedule.
The possible agenda will be:
- Presentation of me as a President and the vice president(s).
- Short presentation (also simply by voice) of the activities in working of different countries or groups.
- Possible project and activities for the next 4 yaars.
- Future meeting conferences, congress and workshops.
- Other stuffs.
Please, share this information to other people, groups or mailing lists outside the IWIC community
Valter Maggi

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