We are glad to share with you the Volume 63-2 of the UIS Bulletin.

The PDF Interactive format can be downloaded by clicking on the link:

The 51 pages of this issue bring the following topics:

• Editorial: The International Year of Caves and Karst: Become a Part of Speleological History
• The President’s Column: A New Beginning for Speleology and the Second Year of the International Year
• 18th International Congress of Speleology 2022
• The Road to the UIS International Year of Caves and Karst and UNESCO Event
• UIS International Year of Caves and Karst 2021: Special Ceremony at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris
• International Cave Animal of the Year 2022: BATS
• Ice Cavers: The Movie
• News of the 19th International Congress of Speleology 2025
• Minutes of the UIS Bureau Annual Meeting 2021 in Paris
• In memoriam: Peter Ernest Spargo (South Africa)
• Calendar of Events
• UIS Bureau 2017/2021
• List of UIS Commissions
• List of Member Countries
• Annual Contributions and Bank Account

We appreciate your comments and suggestions to improve upcoming issues.

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