Petition against the destruction of Bulgarian caves

Notizia del 17 March 2010

After the call of the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology (BFS), the FSE Bureau has decided to invite you to sign the petition of the BFS to support the adoption of a new national law to avoid the present destruction of Bulgarian caves.

The presentation of the petition is available on :

and you can sign it in English letters on :
The original signature form in Bulgarian is on :

Thank you for your help,

The FSE Bureau,
European Speleological Federation
Email :

Web :
Forums :

International Caving Camp Supramontes 2010

Notizia del 25 February 2010

Please forward this mail to any potentially interested (nice) caver.

we are fully preparing the International Caving Camp Supramontes 2010 to be held in Urzulei (Sardinia) from 1 to 15 august 2010.
We now have a website in which you can find all necessary information.
Please visit

For logistical needs we ask participants to register in this website, compiling the online form, and to pay a minimum amount of 40 Euros (guaranteeing 5 days of camp).
Subscription fees are composed of registration (5 euros) and a daily fee of 7 Euros.
e.g., if one intends to stay 8 days the amount to be paid is 5 + 8×7 = 61 Euros, if one stays the entire 14 days the sum to be paid is 103 Euros.
Subscription gives right to accommodation and More About.. »

5th EuroSpeleo Forum “SpeleoHungary 100″

Notizia del 15 February 2010

It’s with a great pleasure that you and your club are invited to the 5th EuroSpeleo Forum “SpeleoHungary 100″ organised by the Hungarian Speleological Society (MKBT) under the patronnage of the European Speleological Federation (FSE) that will be held on the 7-9 May 2010 in Budapest-Hungary.

The new bilingual website of the event is available on :
It explains all the programme and detail all the tours that are included in the entrance fee of 30 euros.
To get this fee you need to register online as soon as possible starting on the 20th of February.

The huge European Speleological event will be THE event 2010 where all the European cavers will meet each other around many speleological activities :
Conferences, Movies, Free Cave Tours, Cave diving, Parties, SpeleoBar and much more !
If you have any question, please let us know at :
See you in Budapest at the 5th EuroSpeleo Forum,
Best speleological regards,

Szabolcs Leél-Őssy
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSE
+33 6 81 61 16 70
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Next FSE General Assembly Meeting (GAM)

Notizia del 6 February 2010

Attn. All les Deleg. FSE
Cc. All National Speleological Organisations in Europe

Dear Friends, Chers Amis,
We have the pleasure to send you attached the digital version of the Call-up for next FSE General Assembly Meeting (GAM) that will be held on the 8th of May 2010 in Budapest - Hungary during SpeleoHungary 100. You will find in it the organisational details and the agenda. In accordance to the Statutes, the paper version of it has been sent this week by post mail to all delegates and vice-delegates. The More About.. »

Consultation - EuroSpeleo Protection - Charta - 10 points

Notizia del 28 November 2009

Dear Caving Friends,

The Cave Protection Commission (ECPC) of the European Federation (FSE) organises a wide consultation of every European caver in order to build the European Charta of reference for Cave and Karst Protection. It has been brepared by the 30 members of the ECPC coming from more than 15 European countries, under the supervision of the ECPC President ad interim, Ioana Meleg. For the other countries (cf. list in post-scriptum) or for already participating countries, if you are motivated to contribute to the ECPC work or simply receive the information of the commission, please send an email with your data to

This charta is made for the European cavers and general public. It is not made to replace the International Guidelines for Cave and Karst Protection (65 pages) :
full document (3.5Mo) available on :
It is neither made to replace the national charta your federation might have, but rather to harmonise the existing national documents that all go in the same direction.

The aim is to get a short document in 10 points that fits in a half page and that all cavers can understand and make it their own.

So you can find here attached a version that is submitted to your remarks and observations. The file is also available on :
You can make suggestions directly in the file, that is in correction mode, either on the content or on the used words.
Please send your remarks and modified files out of mailing-lists to before the 18th of December 2009,
Thank you for your participation,
Best speleological regards,

Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSE
ECPC mail :
ECPC site :
Forums :

PS : We still look for active participants for the ECPC coming from the following countries : Switzerland, Denmark, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Monaco, FYRO-Macedonia, Netherlands, Sweden, Slovakia, Belgium, Ireland, Serbia.

Call for euro speleo forums 2010-2012

Notizia del 8 November 2009

Here is the last call for the label of the EuroSpeleo Forum that you can give to one of the events you organise in 2010, 2011 or 2012, and to which you want to give a European scale.

As a reminder the 4 fist editions have been :
2006 - Speleological World Games (Sevilla - Spain)
2007 - Baltic Speleological Congress (Visby - Sweden)
2008 - IVth European Speleological Congress (Lans-en-Vercors - France)
2009 - Icnussa 2009 Speleological Meeting (Urzulei - Italy)

The deadlines are the following :
EuroSpeleo Forum 2010 : 30th of November 2009

Should you have any questions or remarks, please let us know,
Looking forward your applications before the end of November for next EuroSpeleo Forum edition,
Kind Regards,

for the FSE Bureau,
Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSE
+33 - 6 81 61 16 70
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News from FSE GAM at Hidden Earth

Notizia del 29 September 2009

Dear Friends
This email to give you the highlights of the FSE GAM that happenned on Saturday at Hidden Earth :

* On 25 member countries, 19 were present and 4 gave a valid proxy.
* The opening of EuroSpeleo Projects to Euro-Mediterranean projects (with Africa & Middle East) have been adopted.
* The ICEdb project (International Caving Expeditions database) has been officially launched by the General Assembly.
* The procedure to take decisions by electronic vote have been officially adopted by the GAM.
* The ECPC Internal Regulations will be validated by electronic vote after email debate on some specific points.
* The General Assembly will now have a meeting every year.
* Some changes have occured with the fees (cf. email from Manuel Freire to the FSE delegates).
* Juan Carlos Lopez and Olivier Vidal have been reconducted in their positions of President and Secretary General.
* A working group will make a proposal during next GAM of European regulations about vertical techniques competitions, in which such competitions would be forbidden in caves.

A draft of the detailled meeting report should be ready within few days, and the final version should be broadcasted by mid-october.
This Hidden Earth edition seems to be the biggest one ever organised with more than 800 participants from more than 25 present countries.
Again a big Thanks and congratulations to the BCA and the organisers,

For your information, Beal, the FSE Official Partner for caving ropes, has informed us that they will officially launch a revolutionnary new type of caving rope early October. We should be able to send you more information in some days.
Wishing you a nice speleological week,

Kind regards,

for the Bureau,
Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSE
+33 6 81 61 16 70
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Saturday dinner at Hidden Earth

Notizia del 11 September 2009

This email to inform you that if you want to participate to the Saturday evening dinner at Hidden Earth, you need to register before the congress online because the organisers assume that it will not be possible to register for it on the congress-site (limited capacity).
You can do so on :

If you are the national delegate and your name is on the attached list, you can put “none” for the “Admission booked in advance” since the BCA give you a free admission for the congress (1 person per country)

To pay by bank card you may choose the “Paypal payment” and afterwards choose the option “I don’t have Paypal account - Continue”.

Looking forward to see you there,
Kind regards,

Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSE

Bureau FSE - Meetings Report

Notizia del 9 July 2009

Please find enclosed the reports of the FSE Bureau meetings (2 from Vercors 2008 and the last one from Urzulei, Sardinia).
Looking forward to seeing you at Hidden Earth,
Before that we wish you a nice caving summer

Fse Vercors

Fsue Vercors

Fse Urzulei

Olivier Vidal
Secr. General FSE
+33 - 6 81 61 16 70
Email :
Web :
Forums :

FSE mail n. 14 - Jun 2009

Notizia del 17 June 2009

Thank you to send it to all the cavers of your network

FSE’mail - - n°14 - Jun 2009

This edition from the European Speleological Federation is available online on

Dear Caving Friends

Before a summer full of caving explorations around Europe and overseas, we are happy to give you some speleological news from all over Europe.

First of all we want to warmly thank the SSI and the Sardinian organisers of the IVth EuroSpeleo Forum that took place in Urzulzei-Italy early May and that have gathered more than 1700 cavers including nearly 300 European cavers coming from outside of Italy. It was a great success in spite of the difficulty to organise such a big event on a Mediterranean island. The fascinating Sardinian caves and the traditional SpeleoBar have been very much appreciated by all those who made the trip there.


The European Speleological Federation will be present during next British caving conference Hidden Earth 2009, end of September, with the FSE General Assembly Meeting (GAM) that will be held on the congress site on the Saturday 26th of September 2009 at 2pm. The gathering will be held from the 25th to the 27th of September in Churchill, England at 10km from Bristol international airport. It will be the opportunity to meet cavers from all over Europe. The agenda of the FSE GAM is available on :

And all the details about Hidden Earth are on :
More About.. »

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