Lands of Karst published. Free download. The book is a contribution to the International Year of Caves and Karst.

A book of nice photographs, “The Lands of Karst. A Visual Story” has just been published and is available for free download on our web site. It is a contribution to the International Year of Cave and Karst declared by the International Union of Speleology and supported by UNESCO and numerous institutions and organizations.

The book comprises several hundred color photographs from six Lands of Karst – Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia, which had been recorded by more than 70 geologists, speleologists, biologists, archaeologists, mountaineers, professional photographers or simply amateurs – karst and caves lovers.

The editors of this story are Neven Kresic and Zoran Stevanovic, who following the rule “a picture is worth a thousand words” prepared very short informative texts for 10 chapters featuring photographs of noisy rivers, wild mountains, silent lakes, the sea, limestone walls, rough surfaces, fountains of life, windows to unknown, magic chambers, underground creatures, wildlife, and past and present human inhabitants.

More info and download:

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