Tutto pronto per il congresso internazionale UIS Speleo 2017 a Sydney

Date da ricordare:

1 July 2017 Photographic Competition entries close
14 July 2017 Pre-Congress excursions begin to start
23 July 2017 Speleo 2017 begins!!
Day Registrations open
First UIS General Assembly
Welcome Party
24 July 2017 Opening Ceremony
26 July 2017 Mid-Week Excursions
28 July 2017 Speleo 2017 Banquet
29 July 2017 Second UIS General Assembly
30 July 2017 Post-Congress excursions begin to start

Disponibile la terza circolare: https://www.speleo2017.com/Circulars/Circular3.pdf

We are delighted to announce that one of our keynote speakers will be Associate Professor John Webb of Latrobe University in Melbourne. Associate Professor Webb has studied Australian karst in all its diversity across the continent. Caves in Australia have developed in limestones and dolomites of all ages from the Proterozoic to dunes as young as 125,000 years. Most Australian caves have phreatic origins but in some instances they clearly have hypogenic origins. These will be discussed as well as the role science has played in understanding our megafauna; as well as geochemistry developments such as U/Pb dating techniques together with spore and pollen analysis for detailed Pliocene climate records. You won’t want to miss this exciting presentation!

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