The event is organised by the Balkan Speleological Union (BSU) with the cooperation of Speleological Association of Slovenia, Caving club Topolšica and Municipality of Vransko 25 – 29. August 2021

Balkan speleo camp 2021

Plenty of different types of caves are located close to the Camp. Some of the important caves are little bit far from the camp. They are easy reachable and the organizers should provide transportation from the camp to them and back.
Some of the caves are: Huda luknja, Kamniška jama,Jama Pekel,Snežna jama,Trbiška zijalka,Kamnita hiša,Osoletova jama,Veternica, Erjav?eva jama,Golarjev pekel, Neskon?no brezno.
Plenty of other caves are available in the area.
All information concerning the caves will be placed in the special issued Guide Book and additionally should be displayed on the information desk within the camp.

At the Schwentner’s house Vransko there is a gallery place for presentations and photo exhibition of the best works of Balkan photo contest „We and Caves“ .
In the Culture house Vransko a conference room will be available for the Bureau and General Assembly meeting of the BSU .

The provisional entrance fee will be 40 Eur. The participation fee for Early Bird registration will have discount. The entrance fee includes access and guide to the caves, t-shirt, closing party, guide book of the caves available for visiting, free of charge visit of the tourist caves , certificate for attendance, sticker etc.

Official language of the event will be English and, as an alternative, a combination of South-Slavic languages. We expect that most of the participants will understand and speak English. No official translations will be provided.

The official web page of the event will be designed. The information will be spread through mailing lists, forums, as a link on speleological web pages, as well as through direct correspondence.

The Camp will be organised near Vransko, Slovenia. Vransko is 50 km away from the national capital Ljubljana and Ljubljana Airport. The strategic location of Dobrovlje plateu is determined by the river Savinja and road corridors. Vransko connects to the villages and city within the region and throughout the country by bus transport. There are regular bus lines to Ljubljana and Celje.
The Camp Site will be located 4 km form the town Vransko , at agrotourism where we will have plenty of place and peace for ourselves. In Vransko there are few places for accommodation of different categories if anyone does not have desires to camp, small shopping center and restaurants that offer various types of food. In Vransko there is also a culture center, where the presentations, the cultural event and General Assembley Meeting will be held. In case of medical situation, there is daytime health center in Vransko, the nearest Emergency station is in Žalec (20km), the nearest hospital is in Celje (25km) and Ljubljana (50km).

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