Descent (263), August 2018

The Lows and Highs of Tresviso
British cavers have long been exploring the caves of Tresviso in Spain, pushing downwards and, sometimes, upwards. The team is heading into the Death Race.

Underground in the Forest
NAMHO has held another successful national conference; Peter Jackson reports.

The Descent Competition
Protecting Diggers
Check the answers to our competition: did you win a pair of goggles?

Mission Impossible
In July the world held its collective breath as a search was made for a dozen children and their football coach, trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand. With British cave divers fully involved, a complex and protracted rescue operation ensued. As the seriousness of the situation unfolded, Descent constructed a timeline of events.

The Skeleton in the Chamber
Another successful Bradford PC Gaping Gill winch meet has concluded, with plenty of caving going on.

Write it down!
Good Morning!
Resting in a cave feels so good … but it can also give someone a shock!

Saying Goobye to the Forty
It’s fifty years since an immense flood on Mendip changed caving’s landscape for ever.

Where Water Flows Uphill
Join Martyn Farr cave diving on Kefalonia, an island with a remarkably strange hydrology.

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