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I traccianti nelle ricerche sul Timavo
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Titolo: I traccianti nelle ricerche sul Timavo
Autore: Galli, Mario

Abstract: The aim of this work is the collection in an organic ensemble of the data scattered throughout a vast bibliography, on the basis of which the characteristics of Timavo’s underground hydrography are outlined. The study of connections between inputs and outflows and the hydrochemical and isotopic analysis have characterized and differentiated the different water bodies that contribute to feed the headwater region of the “Classical Karst”, a natural laboratory for excellence of these studies, from which they have indeed taken the name of the Karst, the Karst phenomena in general and in particular the same Karst hydrology. How many will want to continue on this way, will find in this overview the most significant numerical data collected in different surveys, linked by the thread of the interpretations developed by the authors of the researches; my remarks are given between brackets in the text or in footnotes.

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