Per chi è intenzionato a recarsi all’incontro europeo di speleologia Eurospeleo2016 dal 6 al 13 Agisto 2016 e pratica la speleologia subacquea, sono previste due uscite speleosubacquee accompagnate, solo per speleosub esperti:

Places on all of the pre & post conference caving camps are still available and we have now added a two day cave diving option to the Mendip pre-conference camp. This is only for experienced cave divers who will be able to visit

Wookey Hole: The famous home of caving diving in the UK. With usually good visibility and comfortable sized passages Wookey Hole is one of the finest underground dive sites in the UK.

Swildons Hole: A classic multi-sump trip and one of the most popular caves in the UK. You’ll need to carry your gear down a sporting wet stream passage to reach sump 2. From here with diving equipment on you need to pass multiple short sumps until the end of the cave is reached at sump 12.

If you sign up for this event your registration will include the standard Mendip pre-conference camp (6th-13th August) with the option of doing two days of cave diving during the week.

For full details and to book your place on this or any other pre or post conference camp visit

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