US National Speleological Society Convention Updates Greetings Cavers.
This is a reminder that the NSS Virtual Convention will take place from Monday, July 26 through Saturday, July 31, 2021.
During convention week, video presentations will be posted on our website at .
You may download a full schedule here, but be aware that some dates & times may change over the next couple months.
Some highlights of the week will include the NSS Fine Arts Salon, a virtual tour of Captain Jack’s Stronghold in Lava Beds National Monument, the Congress of Grottos meeting, an exciting series of luminary speakers, and an in-depth discussion with the movie producer of the upcoming IMAX feature, “Ancient Caves”. All abstract & video presentation deadlines have been extended to June 30, 2021.

For abstract submission to go the website and click on the sessions link to find the desired session. Then just click on the abstract submission link and follow the directions to upload your video. Our sessions this year include:

Cave Digging
Cave Diving
Cave Photography
Cave Video
Caves Across the Solar System
Communications & Electronics
Conservation & Management
Culture of Caves, Cavers and Caving
Geology & Geography
International Exploration
Spelean History
Survey & Cartography
U.S. Exploration

The cave cartography salon deadline is June 25th.
The annual cartography critique will be held on the morning of Saturday July 31. We look forward to welcoming you (virtually) to the 2021 NSS Convention! Cave gently, NSS 2021 Convention Team

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