Geology team cores into the past (documentary)
Short documentary following a team of geologists as they head in to the caves of the Dolomites, gathering rock samples to study climate change in the area.

Filmed by Robbie Shone

Edited by Martin Moseley

Team members:
Prof. C. Spötl (Project leader), Dr. A. Borsato, Mag. D. Braunhofer, Dr. Y. Dublyansky, M. Egger, Dr. S. Frisia, Dr. J. Hellstrom, Dr. M. Knipping, Dr. M. Luetscher, R. Miorandi, Dr. G.E. Moseley, Prof. R. Scholger, Prof. J. Woodhead, M. Zandonati

Grotta Coturines – Provincia di Bolzano

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