Geological Society of America Convention: Call for Cave and Karst Abstracts This year’s Geological Society of America Convention will be held in Portland, Oregon, USA, from 10-13 October 2021.

Ten sessions are planned focused on caves and karst and are now accepting abstracts:

T30. Using Hydrochemistry to Conceptualize Relations between Recharge and Discharge in Karst Aquifers
T59. Effects of Carbonate Minerals on Critical Zone Characteristics and Processes
T60. Geoarchaeology of Underwater Caves
T61. Karst Ecosystems and Biogeochemistry
T62. Karst Hazards and Monitoring
T63. Karst Hydrology and Hydrogeology
T64. Karst Processes and Speleology
T65. Karst Sedimentary, Paleoclimate, and Historical Records
T66. New Frontiers in Cave and Karst Research: In Honor of the International Year of Caves and Karst
T67. Pseudo-Karst Processes and Features
The deadline for abstracts is 20 July 2021. For information about other sessions visit . To register for the convention and other information, visit

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