II Encontro Ibérico Biologia Subterrânea
2nd Circular
II Iberian Meeting on Subterranean Biology – Registration open!
Aveiro University, Portugal
Following the first meeting held in Valencia in 2009, the II Iberian Meeting on Subterranean Biology will take place in the University of Aveiro.
This meeting will focus on biodiversity, ecology and conservation of the Biology of karstic cavities in the different regions of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands, on the volcanic areas of the archipelago, including Canary, Azores and Madeira, and also on other subterranean habitats along the Ibero-Macaronesic scope.
The meeting includes a series of conferences and posters for presentation and discussion of theoretical and applied advances in subterranean biology, some workshops and also a field trip to visit some of the emblematic karstic caves of Portugal.
Registration is open in: http://eibs.neua.org
Ana Sofia P.S. Reboleira (CESAM/UA)| Fernando Gonçalves (CESAM/UA)
Alberto Sendra (MVHN) | Pedro Oromí (ULL)| Paulo Borges (UAç)
Key dates:
01 June 2011: Abstract submission deadline
15 June 2011: Early bird registration deadline
02 September: Registration and welcome reception
More information: http://eibs.neua.org
Contact: biologiasubterranea (at) gmail.com

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