6th Cannes Water Symposium Sea level changes and management of coastal aquifers
Place: Cannes, France.
Dates: dal 28 giugno al 2 luglio 2004.
Organisation: UNESCO Chair on Water Resources Management, Sustainable Development and Peace, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
Contact: Eric Gilli. Email: e.gilli@wanadoo.fr or Philippe Audra. Email: audra@unice.fr
Web: http://www.symposium-h2o.com
click on “Programm 2004 / Sustainable development / 4th workshop (geology of underground…)”
Notes: Changes in sea level during Earth History induced important geomorphic and sedimentary processes. Porous, fissural or karst media developed according to changing sea levels: Quaternary glacio-eustatism and Messinian Deep Desiccated basin in Mediterranean. The influence of eustatism is not restricted to coastal areas. Its impact extended into the inner parts of the continents, even up to the remote mountain chains as valley base level changed. Coastal aquifers are located in high population density areas where freshwater resources will be one of the main priorities in the near future. However, their exploitation is often hindered by pollution, salt contamination, geometric configuration or complex behaviour for karsts. The Cannes Water Symposium gathers together worldwide actors in water management. A session will be dedicated to this topic. Proceedings will be published in a special issue (geodinamica Actac). Official languages are English and French, translation will be provided.

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