International Training Camp for Young Speleologists on the Swabian Alb in Germany, from August 1st, 2020 to August 15th, 2020. Recommended age for participants: 16 years and older. Closing date for registration is June 30th, 2020.

From August 1st, 2020 to August 15th, 2020 The camp will be located in the caving club building of the “Höhlenverein Blaubeuren” near Blaubeuren-Seissen.
The camp program is aimed at young people who have their first interest in caving, but also at those who have already gained experience in caving and want to continue their education in this field.
The participants should have German or English language skills. Closing date for registration is June 30th, 2020.

Caves are geotopes and biotopes and thus sensitive climate archives which are worth to explore.
Research and protection of those climate archives and their current cave climate, which is an indicator of climate change, is a current and extremely important European concern.
Speleologists can contribute to the exploration and protection of those climate archives through international cooperation.
A solid education can provide optimal conditions for research and caving activities.
To this end, organizer offer various topics and a comprehensive supporting program on all important areas of speleology. Optimal practice and learning is guaranteed by small groups.
A further aim of the camp is that the participants get to know like-minded people from home and abroad, exchange information about their hobbies and interests, as well as about their cultures and thus have the opportunity to visit their karst areas or caves later on and do research together.

We will offer the following courses:

I. Caving technique including rescue of comrades
Main topic of this course is to learn solid basic skills in cave exploration. There will be topics about ropes and knot techniques, security, rescue, rappelling in shafts, rope ladders and single rope techniques (SRT).

II. Cave Surveying
A detailed cave map is essential for cave research. You will learn the basics techniques of cave surveying and how to draw a cave map with a computer (Therion). You will train the use of DistoX together with a PDA and you get to know other different surveying equipment like compass and clinometer.

III. Biology, Fauna und Eco-Systems in Caves
Methods for collecting and recording cave fauna and flora will be shown. You will take samples in a cave and learn how to draft documentation and interpret the data. Course participants should develop a concept about the status of flora and fauna in a cave and become more sensible about the cave as a fragile biological system.

IV. Geology:
Geology studies the formation and development of caves, but also provides helpful information for the speleologist.
We want to learn the basics of geology, for example reading and creating geological maps and profiles, tectonics, mineralogy. Study of sediments and other cave contents from which we can read the climate of many thousands of years. Depending on the weather, we will also make above-ground excursions to the geological highlights of the GeoPark Schwäbische Alb (meteorite craters, volcanism) and search for fossils.

V. Electronics in Caves
Electronic Radio Direction Finding, Communication techniques through the earth, GPS navigation. In addition to basic theoretical knowledge, the practical application of the devices is demonstrated and practiced.

VI. Recording of Climate Data in Caves
Equipment for measuring climate relevant parameters and transferring that data to the surface will be explained. Theoretical basics and practical use of the equipment will be demonstrated.

VII. Cave Climatology
An introduction to cave climatology is given. What is climate in caves, why is it done, cave protection and exploration. Air temperature and air circulation measurements will be done in theory and practice. It will be explained how to plan an own project and how to do the data analysis.

VIII. Applied Hydrology
Measurements of water drain and water pile up experiments will be made to calculate unknown cave volumes behind springs. We will also do salt tracer experiments and analysis. Theory and practical work will be shown.

IX. Paleontology and Archaeology
Together with a specialist of the National Museum for Natural History i Stuttgart you will look for prehistoric bones in a special district and compare these bones with others from the museum. You will learn to name these findings.
We offer excursions to the caves, which were declared as a world heritage site in 2017.

For all participants the following additional presentations will be offered:

• Regional geology, speleogenesis, cave contents, biospeleology, knowledge about technical caving gear, cave rescue, cave protection, bat protection and much more…
• Geological excursion on the Swabian Alb.
• Excursion: Landscape- and prehistoric hike in the Schmiech-, Ach- and Blau- river valleys.

The evenings in the camp mainly serve a social purpose.
If you own a musical instrument or sports equipment, please bring it with you to the camp.
The camp is located in the caving club building of the “Höhlenverein Blaubeuren” near Blaubeuren-Seissen. We can offer a big room, restrooms, showers and a campfire place for comfortable evenings. You can camp at the edge of the forest around the building. There is also enough space for motor homes. Electricity will only be available occasionally by a solar system or generator.

Please bring the following basic equipment for caving with you:
Overall (Schlaz), sufficiently warm underwear, e.g. under-overall, warm track suit or equivalent, rubber boots with a good profile, helmet with electrical lamp (no carbide lamp), spare lamp, rechargeable battery loader.

The participation fee is:
Age 25 and younger € 270.00
Age 26 and older € 360.00

This includes:
For 16 days: accommodation (recreation room, place for a tent, restrooms with showers), 3 meals per day, support and training in small groups by experienced cavers, excursions and entrance fees for common activities, a DVD with the course documentation, youth group insurance (health, third party liability, accident) for participants aged 25 and younger for the duration of the camp. Please bring an international health insurance certificate to make processing easier.
For participants age 26 and older we strongly recommend to have their own insurance (health, third party liability, accident including salvage costs).

The deposit is 50.-€ and has to be transferred immediately after receipt of the registration confirmation. The remaining fee must be sent until June 30th, 2020.

For registration please fill out one of the registration forms with a computer (preferred). There are 2 variants available: DOC-files in German and English.
1. Save the completed file and please add your name in the file name.
2. Print out only the first page and add the required signatures on paper.
3. Scan the page or make a photo of the lower half of the first page.
4. Send this photo with the completed file to:

For more information:
or call: +49-7394-1566,
mobile: +49-174-7463011

Please send your registration with E-Mail to:
Or with regular mail to:
Knut Brenndoerfer
Blaubergstrasse 6
D-89143 Blaubeuren
Closing date for registration is June 30th, 2020.

Attached you will find the registration form in english and german language.
Organizers will look forward to seeing you!
More information:

RNDr. Alena Gessert, PhD.
FSE General secretary

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