To promote the development of speleology and communicate its information to the general public, SPELEOKAMARATON will be organized in Marina di Camerota, Salerno, Italy, from 29 October to 1 November 2021. SPELEOKAMARATON is being organized in support of the 2021 International Year of Caves and Karst.

Speleo Kamaraton will be an opportunity to raise public awareness and get people closer to the underworld. The open format will be an enjoyable opportunities to visit, hold presentations, correctly teach the public about what exists “beyond the threshold of darkness”. This meeting will be a collective action to safeguard the subsurface and protect caving, as a discipline of knowledge and a correct instrument of travel in the underworld.

The focus of SPELEO KAMARATON will be:

Mediterranean Speleologies
The various speleologies of the Mediterranean region will be identified.

Archeology and Paleontology
Caves are archives of time. Isolated from the outside world, they preserve their contents for study. The fossils that are preserved in the coastal caves are tiles of a large mosaic. Studying them helps us to reconstruct the network of connections between the different shores of the Mediterranean.

Sacred caves
Caves are like islands. Sites of worship, meditation and spirituality. Places that have inspired ascetics, monks and preachers. Hermitages lost in the silence of the mountains or on wild cliffs. Caverns where the human fascination with the religious and the diabolic resounds, together with the hopes and fears that go back to time immemorial.

Cave Diving
The Mediterranean coasts are punctured with sea caves. It is an immense heritage, an archive of time ready to be explored. Cave diving research has made giant steps, thanks to the development of new techniques devised by the explorers themselves. Speleo Kamaraton is the first meeting of Mediterranean cave divers

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