Conference Location and Dates

We are happy to announce the 4th International Planetary Caves Conference scheduled for May 4–7, 2023, at the Haría Municipality in Lanzarote, Spain.

Purpose and Scope

During the last decade, caves and subterranean features have been discovered on nearly every planetary surface as the spatial resolution of spacecraft instrumentation has markedly improved. Planetary scientists have identified more than 270 lunar and several hundred martian cave-like features. These features allow us to access and examine the subsurface without costly deep-drilling payloads. Moreover, caves provide potential habitats for life, including future human habitation on the Moon and Mars.

Cave-like features on planetary bodies formed from volcanic processes, tectonic processes, and/or karst dissolution. Together, these features represent significant void space in the subsurface. Pit crater chains, lateral cave entrances, and skylight entrances represent potential access to the deep subsurface, enabling us to address key questions about subsurface habitability and biosignature potential. These caves may also host significant water ice deposits for human consumption and potentially generate hydrogen fuel to return humans to Earth.

The 4th International Planetary Caves Conference plans to continue capitalizing on advances in the current state-of-the-art cave exploration and exchanging knowledge and ideas between scientists and engineers for future cave missions. Topics include:

  • Genesis and significance of cave-like features across the solar system planetary bodies
  • Mars subsurface exploration and science potential through cave entrances
  • Lunar subsurface exploration and science potential through cave entrances
  • The possibility to search for subterranean volatiles and determine subsurface habitability
  • Space mission concepts, remote sensing, robotic access, and exploration
  • The astrobiology potential of planetary subsurface environments
  • Technologies and architectures required for human exploration and habitation

Additionally, the conference will provide a forum to discuss ongoing mission proposals to space agencies and the longer-term objective of developing a strategy for research and robotic exploration of caves across the solar system.