Si è tenuto due giorni fa ed è disponibile on line, un interessante incontro divulgativo condotto dai geologi della Federazione Geologica Europea. Il webinar, dedicato alla geologia del nostro Pianeta è stato presentato da Monica Sousa, direttrice esecutiva dell’associazione dei geologi portoghesi.

The presenter of the webinar is Monica Sousa, Executive Director of the Portuguese Association of Geologists and Coordinator of the EFG Panel of Experts on Geological Heritage. The host of the session is Glen Burridge, Executive Director of the European Federation of Geologists. Earth is a unique planet with a complex and diversified geological history. During 4.6 billion years, plate tectonics, changing climates, catastrophic events, life explosions and extinctions, all transformed our Mother Earth into the changing planet that we call Home. All these events are responsible for Earth’s extremely complex geology and geomorphology, and thus for its geodiversity (geological diversity). A part of our planet’s geodiversity is so valuable that it needs to be preserved in order to reconstruct Earth’s history and the evolution of life on our planet. This part of geodiversity is known as geoheritage or geological heritage and it encompasses natural geological or geomorphological features possessing aesthetic, intrinsic, cultural, or scientific and educational value, which provide unique insight into geological processes affecting the formation or evolution of the Earth. These extraordinary capsules of Time are Treasures, and they preserve the Memory of our Planet. Last October, during the IUGS 60th anniversary celebration event, the first 100 IUGS Geological Heritage Sites were presented, giving scientific recognition to those key geological sites for the Earth sciences research. Set back, relax, and enjoy our journey to the Treasures of the Earth!