Repubblica Ceca, dopo sei giorni di tentativi un robot subacqueo passa il precedente limite di -404 metri all’Abisso Hranice. Scoperti nuovi grandi ambienti, la grotta prosegue ma il limite tecnico del robot fa interrompere le esplorazioni a -450 metri. Finora é la grotta sommersa più profonda del Mondo mai esplorata.


The sixth day of exploration of the Hranice Abyss was a turning point. We managed to repair and test the underwater robot and continue exploring the Abyss despite the bad weather.

We measured up for the Mikado part (200m), from which we contimued to deeper parts. The areas we explored and mapped are huge and at 450m depth we were stopped by technical limitations of the underwater robot. We broke the old depth record by 46m (404m) and reached our target depth of 450m. I would like to thank all participants – members of our exploration unit of Hranice Abyss, members of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic – Rescue Unit Hlu?ín, workers of the Main Mining Rescue Service (DIAMO state enterprise HBZS) and staff of the company UNEXMIN GeoRobotics Ltd.

We are attaching some pictures to this report and we want to share with you the shots that have not been seen yet. We will keep you informed about the further progress and progress of the event.


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