Dall’1 al 4 e dal 5 al 7 giugno 2011

Swedish Speleological Society (SSF) and the Pseudokarst Commission (Commission du Pseudokarst) of the UIS are organizing the 2nd International Symposium on Granite Caves in 2011. This is the very first time Sweden arrange an UIS´ conference.

The Fennoscandian Shield consists of crystalline rocks. Sweden is known for its granite caves, and there are thousands of them recorded (SSF). The various types of caves are described by Sjöberg (1994). In most cases, the caves seem to have a paleoseismic origin (Mörner, 2003).

Symposium venue and dates

The Symposium will be held at Lövhagen´s hostel, close to Nynäshamn located 50 km south of Stockholm. The program will include 2 days of paper presentations and discussions, and 2 days of field excursions. We are also planning a scenic boat trip in the archipelago. Final program and dates in the 2nd Circular.

Fonte e maggiori info: http://www.speleo.se/joomla/content/view/519/56/

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